Monday, October 27, 2008

The Prologue

The youTube link below is a clip of music that goes along with the prologue. Just click on the link and start reading. The slower you read, the better it paces with the music, so take your time, enjoy, and welcome to Midgard!


It is an age of gods and monsters. Years have passed since the feuding of the two kings, and the vanquishing of the Orcish horde from the realm of Midgard. The old champions now sit on thrones of gold, drunk with pleasure and fat with the spoils of war. In their negligence, evil-doers roam unchecked throughout the land. Cruelest of these scourges are the raiders from the North, savage warriors who cross the ancient seas in fleets of dragon-headed longboats. For seven long years, these barbarians--led by the warlord Thrain aboard his flagship, the Obyrith--have ravaged the lands of Midgard, cutting a swath of devastation to the very edges of the world.

The marauders now return to their icy homeland across the White Sea, their colossal ships weighed down by the treasures of a hundred kingdoms. Little do they know what awaits them in the frozen caverns of the North, for goodness still dwells in the heart of men, and justice lies in store for even the mightiest of evils. The gods are angry, and this may just be the final VOYAGE OF THE OBYRITH.

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